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What is the Registry?

The Registry is the tracking component of the Arkansas Early Childhood Professional Development System. The Registry plays a key part in promoting professional development. Early childhood professionals in the state are encouraged, and sometimes required, to become members. Each member has access to an online training transcript, which lists the training he or she has attended over the year. Fifteen hours of training are required each year to maintain membership. Members are assigned Registry Identification numbers which can be used in place of social security numbers at registered training events across the state. Each member is assigned a level according to education and training he or she has received. Members can move forward to reach professional career goals and can use the TAPP Map to guide which training is best suited to fit his or her needs.

The Registry web site includes training opportunities for all registered training agencies across the state. Online registration can be done quickly! Check for training opportunities by location, date, or topic.

The Registry tracks trainers across the state and verifies that they have experience training adults, working with children, and education in their related field.